st-josephs-taree-03Open communication underpins education

A fundamental principle which underpins the general aims of our school is the recognition that parents are the prime educators of their children and, accordingly, teachers work as co-educators with the parents of children in their care. It follows that the benefits of establishing and maintaining effective avenues for communication between the school and parents cannot be over-emphasised.  The following points are put forward as strategies to assist in the achievement of this objective.

School Newsletter

The School Newsletter is issued on a fortnightly basis and is circulated to parents via the eldest child in each family, by email and on this website. A term planner is also sent home at the start of each term informing families of activities that will occur throughout the term. The calendar on this website also provides information regarding up and coming events. Facebook is also used as another communication means to inform parents/carers of activities happening at the school. See home page on how to find us on facebook.

It is without doubt the major avenue for communication with parents on a whole school basis and as such is an extremely important component in the overall communication process. Parents are asked to:

  • read newsletters carefully and if convenient file them for future reference or make a note of important facts/dates contained in the newsletters
  • stress to their children the role that they play in ensuring that the newsletters are brought home
  • if you think you have not received a particular newsletter either visit school Newsletters download page or as a last measure contact the school secretary. 

Parent-Teacher Interviews

Parents are encouraged to request a parent-teacher interview if they have any concerns about their child’s progress at school. Similarly, teachers will not hesitate to contact a child’s parents if they consider the need exists.

If a parent-teacher interview is to be of benefit to the child/parent/teacher, it needs to be conducted at a time when those involved can give their full attention to the matters in hand: impromptu ‘interviews’ held at the classroom door are of little value and are certaintally not recommended.

Formal parent teacher interviews are offered towards the end of Term 1. Parents are given a time allocation to meet with class teachers to discuss the progress of their child. The purpose of this meeting is so teachers can inform parents of student progress and to address any issues before formal reports are sent home in Term 2. It is highly recommended that all parents attend these interviews. Formal A-E reports are sent home at the end of Terms 1 and 4. There are no set parent teacher interviews after the reports are sent home, however, parents my request an interview with the class teacher if there is any pressing issues that need to be address from the report. A teacher may also request an interview with parents if there is a need.

When the need for an interview arises parents are advised to contact the class teacher and arrange a time which is mutually convenient. A written record of each meeting may be made by the teacher concerned and recorded in child’s profile on the school’s electronic student tracker program.

Parent-teacher interviews form an integral part of the reporting system, adopted at St Joseph’s in 2006.

Parent-Teacher Nights

A Parent-Teacher night is conducted by the school early in Term One. The agenda for this meeting focuses on the school’s proposed programme for the year, significant aspects of various curriculum areas, responsibilities of the Executive staff and general information on the running of the school. After a general meeting, parents are then invited to meet with class teachers for an informal meet and greet. Generally, class teachers will hand out a class newsletter detailing specific information regarding the individual class for the year.

These meetings are not appropriate forums for the discussion of matters relating to individual students. Attendance at these meetings is strongly recommended.

Parent Workshops

Occasionally during the school year parents will be invited to attend parent workshops particularly in the areas of Literacy and Numeracy. These workshops will normally be run by teaching staff however at times guest speakers from outside the school will be invited to speak to parents. The focus of these workshops are to provide parents with information on how they can help with their child’s education at home, demonstrate how concepts are taught within the class today, and provide skills to parents when helping with the children’s homework. We always welcome parent suggestions on what topics they would like to be presented at these workshops. If you do have any suggetsions please feel free to the Principal.

Communications with School Executive

The general area of education is an extremely complex one and it is inevitable that from time to time problems will arise in every school environment.

One of the major roles of the school executive is to work with parents/children in an effort to solve problems associated with school life.

While it is not possible to guarantee that immediate solutions will always be forthcoming, the members of the school executive at St. Joseph’s will always be ready to listen, to advise and to take the appropriate action needed to rectify a problem.

The starting point in this process is firstly being informed that a problem exists. With this in mind, parents are asked not to hesitate to contact the Principal/Assistant Principal whenever the need arises.