Second Hand Clothing

A variety of second hand clothing is available in the school Clothing Pool. However, not all of the items or sizes for the correct school uniform are available from the clothing pool. The Clothing Pool is located in the administration building opposite the office. Please see the office staff if you wish to have a look through the clothing pool.

Items for sale at the school’s clothing pool are:

  • tracksuit pants and jackets
  • girls’ summer uniform dresses
  • summer uniform dress material
  • girls’ winter slacks
  • school jumpers
  • sports shirts
  • boys’ summer and winter shirts
  • girls’ summer and winter blouses
  • boys’ summer shorts and winter long trousers
  • winter tunics and slacks
  • unisex sports uniforms
  • a few ties, socks and shoes

Money from sales of this clothing is forwarded to St Vincent de Paul.

Girls summer dress material is also available for purchase from the school clothing pool. Patterns can also be borrowed to make summer dresses.

We always welcome any pre-loved clothing to be donated to the school clothing pool. If you have any good quality uniforms please send into the office to be added to the clothing pool.

Retail Purchases

New uniform items with the school logo can be purchased from Workwise Clothing.

Workwise Clothing
5 Marathon St
Taree NSW
P | 6552 2371

Non-logo school clothing can also be purchased at Best & Less.

Lost Property

All lost property is placed in a basket located in the administration building near the disabled toilets. At the end of each month the unclaimed uniform items are washed and re-sold through the Clothing Pool.

For all other information regarding uniforms please see the Summer Uniform Guide, Winter Uniform Guide, Sports Uniform Guide and the general Uniform Guide.