img_3814Responsibility and Guidance

Accepting the Catholic School’s responsibility within the teaching ministry of the church for the care and guidance of students and staff of St Joseph’s Taree acknowledges that:

  • the development of a well-integrated person, with Jesus as model, is an essential aim of Catholic education
  • a school climate which is based upon quality relationships, and which supports the growth of the individual within a Christian community, is fundamental to effective and genuine pastoral care
  • it is the responsibility of all members of the school community, be they parents, teachers, students or priests, to collaborate in the provision of a caring environment within the school
  • the provision of both relevant and satisfying learning experiences and appropriate adult role models is essential for individual student growth
  • the development of self-discipline is based on justice, self-esteem and reconciliation and hence, any punishment which lowers the dignity of the person, is inappropriate
  • structures, policies, procedures and practices in our school should be in harmony with Gospel values
  • pastoral care and religious education are intrinsic to the quality of our school and Catholic education in general

Personal Development Statement

The Catholic Schools Office has issued a document “Human Development and Christian Values Guidelines”. Teachers will use this as a source document in preparation of any personal development work. The overall objectives from that document are:

  • to assist students in their recognition of God’s unconditional love for each of them and the equality of each in his sight
  • to assist students, who are God’s children and members of the human family to appreciate the purpose, function and importance of family life
  • to assist students to appreciate their duty of Christian witness – especially their acquisition of the art of living fraternally with others
  • to assist students to develop a reverence for the God-given goodness and beauty of their sexuality.

Development and Care of Students

To provide genuine pastoral care within our school community there is a need for all students to be seen as equals both by their peers and staff. With such a large school community there is always the risk that some children may be overlooked or their appropriate needs may not be recognised. To provide the best possible development and care of each child, the following steps will be taken:

  • as much as possible a warm, friendly, secure environment in the school will be developed, thus giving the children a confidence about this particular aspect of their life
  • staff and students will be encouraged to be aware of the needs of all staff and children in our school
  • new children will be welcomed individually and at assemblies
  • each child will be encouraged to develop his/her particular skills and talents
  • comprehensive records of each child will be maintained
  • all classes/teachers will be encouraged to mix and co-operate as one community
  • positive behaviour and work will be identified and acknowledged
  • class teachers will be encouraged to foster their own pastoral care procedures in their classrooms, but overall, the Principal will have final responsibility along with assistance from his/her executive staff