Our school is led by a teaching staff who continue to maintain a deep commitment to professional development and personal learning. In providing an integrated, inclusive, balanced curriculum, we promote comprehensive outcomes based on assessment and reporting strategies that have been developed to track student progress and assist in identifying those at risk. Visitors to the school often comment on the welcoming and happy ‘family’ atmosphere that permeates the school.


Mr Mark Mowbray

Assistant Principal

Mr Adam McCann

REC (Religious Education Coordinator)

Mrs Alison Cosway

Primary Coordinators

Mr Chris Steinmetz

Mr Sean Hassett

Literacy Educator (SAP)

Mrs Belinda Bridgeman

Clerical Assistants

Mrs Lisa Millard

Mrs Ruth Smith

Teaching Staff

Mrs Kylie Clare

Mrs Alison Cosway

Mr Adam McCann

Mrs Darlene Knowles

Mrs Cassandra Amidy

Mrs Patricia Paff

Mrs Lisa Bourke

Mrs Maryanne O’Dwyer

Mrs Louise O’Neill

Mrs Melissa Clarke

Mrs Sandra Geddes

Mrs Robyn Bielby

Mrs Bec Harris

Mr Chris Steinmetz

Ms Yvonne Nies

Mrs Gail Young

Mr Sean Hassett


Miss Louise Tarrant

LST (Learning Support Teacher)

Mrs Linda Stricker

Mrs Michele Cooling


Mrs Kylie Hunter

Ms. Naomi Paulson

Ms. Tahnee French

ESL Teacher

Mrs Elizabeth Rankin

CSO Education Support

Mr John Bates (Learning Technology)

Mrs Rebecca Jamieson (School Counsellor)

Mrs Judy Mullen (Education Officer)

LSA (Learning Support Assistant)

Mrs Natalie Bennett

Mrs Judy Clarke

Mrs Joanne Crellin

Mrs Lynne McLaughlin

Mrs Frances Reid

Ms Tilly Mobbs

Miss Eve Gregory

Mrs Margaret Schmitzer

Library Assistant

Mrs Jane McKenzie

Canteen Coordinator

Mrs Laura Hearn


Mrs Margaret Schmitzer

Mrs Natalie Bennett

Mr Ralph Carle

Pastoral Care

Mrs Joanne Relf

Parish Priests

Fr George Anthicadu