Everyone in our school has the RIGHT to:

  • be treated with respect
  • not be teased or hurt in any way
  • feel safe at school
  • expect my property to be safe and my learning environment to be pleasant, clean and well maintained
  • be told the truth and to be able to explain my actions and behaviours
  • expect that others will move around the school in an orderly manner
  • not be distressed by others in my classroom
  • expect that others will hold my school in high esteem
  • be given the chance to fulfil potential and dreams as a student and as a person


We all have a RESPONSIBILTY to:

  • treat others with respect and be co-operative
  • not tease, bully or upset others
  • remain in the correct areas of the playground and not to leave the school without permission
  • not endanger anyone by our actions
  • respect our school property and the property of others by not stealing or damaging it and by keeping our school environment neat and tidy
  • be honest
  • move around the school in an orderly manner
  • not disrupt the classroom environment
  • uphold the good reputation of the school by our general behaviour outside the school and by the way I wear the school uniform