Absences from School

If your child is absent from school for a whole day or more for any reason, you are asked to send a note to the class teacher giving the reason for the absence, on the first day on which your child resumes normal attendance.

Late Arrivals, Leaving School Before End of School Day or Appointments

Parents are to report to the school office to fill in and sign the book provided for this purpose.

Inservice Days

Staff Inservice Days were introduced in the schools of the Diocese of Maitland to assist with, and promote the continuing professional development of school staffs. Schools are allocated three inservice days per year. Parents are always given at least one month’s notice of the date of each inservice day. Children do not attend school on an inservice day.

Student Welfare

School hours

The official school hours are from 9.00am till 3.05pm. The First Lunch break is taken between 11:20am and 12:00 noon. The Second Lunch break is from 1:20pm till 2:00pm.

Supervision Before School

Playground supervision commences in the morning at 8.35am. It is extremely important that children do not arrive at school before this time. If due to special circumstances children arrive before 8.35am they must remain seated under the covered area.

Supervision After School

Parents who pick their children up from school are asked to meet them in the covered area at 3.05pm. Teacher supervision is provided for children catching afternoon buses and for those waiting under the covered area.


The Catholic Schools Office issued the ‘Policy for Dispensing of Medicines in Primary and Secondary Schools’ in June 1999. If you would like a copy of this policy please contact school office. Parents are given written notification regarding the critical elements of this policy at the start of each school year.

If a student requires medication throughout the school day the medication needs to be handed into the school office with a note clearly detailing dosage and time for administration. Medication will then need to be collected from the office at the end of the school day. It is extremely important that students do not self administer medication at school. Please contact the office staff if you have any questions regarding medication.

Accident or Illness

In the case of any serious accident or illness parents will be notified if possible. Alternatively, an emergency contact person, nominated by the parent, will be contacted.

School & Student Administration

Envelope System

Occasionally parents are asked to return permission notes and money for student activities or school fees to the class teacher. The secretary’s task of collating notes and receipting money collected is simplified dramatically if parents mark the envelope clearly with:

  • the child’s name and class
  • the activity that the note and/or money relates to
  • Please ensure that any envelopes containing money are completely sealed so as to prevent money from falling out.


Banking facilities are available at the school through a variety of agencies:

  • The Catholic Development Fund (Banking is on TUESDAY)
  • The Commonwealth Bank

Family Data

At the start of each new school year a ‘Family Verification Report’ is sent home for parents/carers to check and edit. The form details personal details such as address, phone numbers, date of births etc. Parents/Carers need to check this form, make any changes if need be, sign and send the form back to school. It is vital for the school to have up-to-date information regarding the students in our school. If family details change such as address or phone numbers please inform the office staff as quickly as possible in case an emergency does arise at school.